What is NODI Fork ?

Nodi is a Custom Fork of Kodi 17 that will work on older Android devices running 4.4, not unlike MyGica. It also has a separate version that is compatible on the later devices such as Android 5.0 – 7.0. At time of publishing this Blog, due to some unforeseen Real Life issues, there was a delay in creating the 4.4.2 version. The developing team have commented recently that they are moving forward with this Android version. Therefore, only the 5.0 version is available and can be acquired from here. Well I have to admit when I first started reading about this in comments, all I could think of was “Auto correct is at it again”. But the more it appeared when others were discussing Kodi/SPMC it dawned on me that it's not auto-correct at all. Before we begin for those who are unfamiliar with what a Fork is, please read this Blog. It provides a brief explanation on why a Fork was created, very informative.

Exploring NODI

nodi Once installed, you will encounter what looks like something The Hulk would be interested in ! So without further adieu, here is what you need to know about NODI :
  1. Is the File Manager. – where you would enter the url for Ares Wizard for example.
  2.  Is Settings. – Skin Settings, System, Media Sources, Add-ons, System information, etc.
  3.  Should be familiar, Power.
  4.  Add-ons will take you to your Video add-ons, Music add-ons, Program add-ons, Picture add-ons. From there you will also be able to access Add-ons / Add-on browser> My add-ons, recently updated, Install from repository, Install from zip file, Search. Select the Icon that looks like a “Puzzle Piece”. Selecting the “Cog Icon” will direct you to Settings / System> Display, Audio, Input, Internet access, Power saving, Add-ons, Logging.
nodi Enabling Unknown Sources (Photo A.) will be the first step you'll need to do before installing Ares Wizard for example, as well as any other Add-ons you wish to install. Photo B shows how the Add-ons / Add-on browser section appears.


nodi Highlighting any of the listings as shown in the above photo will show you what individual Add-ons have been installed in NODI. In this photo (same as the opening screen) “Add-ons” was highlighted as indicated by the Red Arrow. Due to any add-ons installed on your device outside of NODI will also appear. Ares Wizard is the only Program / Add-on installed on this Tablet. In the top right corner you'll notice something different from other forks of Krypton 17.
  1.  Manage Add-ons>will give you access to Add-ons/My Add-ons> All, Add-on repository, Program add-ons, Video add-ons, PVR clients, etc.
  2.  Download add-ons> Add-ons/Install from repository> All repositories, Kodi Add-on repository, etc.
  3. Install from zip file> same as Photo B from above.
  4. Search add-ons> no explanation needed.
  5. Add-on settings > same as Photo A above.

NODI File Manager

nodi File Manager is the same in NODI as in other Forks and Krypton 17. The method to add a url like Ares Wizard, has not changed, so this should be familiar to all.


In conclusion, while NODI does look odd with the green “Hulk” hue and the Icons not being located as other 17 Forks, it still works the same way. Forks have come a long way in recent months. In addition to this and many other blogs, here is an excellent explanation from Kodi Wiki , of all the different forks that are available . On a personal note, obviously I have it installed on this Tablet, but I have also installed it on my Shield. From what time I have spent exploring it, I can report it works flawlessly……. so far. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and as a result have a better understanding about NODI and all it has to offer. If you have any further questions on this or any other Fork, come join us in Ares Project Forum. It's free to join as well ! Don't forget to read the exciting News here.