The Ares Portal installer is back in a new setup, with installs for android applications. The application choice is on the Ares Portal website – under, not surprisingly, the Android section. OK, this is a beta, its early days, but there will be more things added as we go along.


Ares Portal Updated, Current version of this addon is 1.0.4 – first detected 2017-10-04

Ares Portal System

Ok the principe of the system is to “shop” for applications via the site. You then add your chosen applications to your basket. When you're done, click goto “my add-ons”, click generate code. You can then enter that code into the Ares Portal add-on within Kodi and your chosen apks will be installed.

No fuss, no hunting around websites, no “dodgy” links passed on social media, just a simple pick and click system. I would just add we make no guarantees about what these apps contain or even if they actually work.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your devices security.
  • It is your responsibility to check if this is legal in your location.
  • These are publicly available links from around the WWW.

Installing the Ares Portal Add-on

You can only get this via Ares Wizard – if you are not using this yet (why?!) – install Ares Wizard

Once you have that installed;

  • Open Ares Wizard (under programs)
  • Click Browse Addons
  • Click APK Portal for Kodi
  • Click Install

Once that completes – hit close on the Ares Wizard – skip the competition entry to complete this (go back and enter afterwards)- a free prize is given away everyweek!

Whilst Still in programs …

  • Click Kodi Portal

This screen will open – now you can change a few settings – if you wish –

…but to keep this brief, head over to the Ares Portal website to grab some android applications  – Ares Portal Android Applications

Choosing Applications

Once you are on the website – browse some of the apps – theres only acouple of games at the moment, but theres quite a few streaming applications already added. More to come…

So click the post on the app you like the look of – hit “add to my add-ons” – yes its still worded for Kodi add-ons …. and yes we will make those work too, but for now – its just android applicaions!

As you click “add to my add-ons” – check the top right corner of the screen – you will see whats in your basket – here you can see WSS and BobbyHD Movie. Each has a “remove” option if you've changed your mind.

So add what you want to try out and then click Goto My Addons – just below the thick white line in this image. This will take you to your “basket” of applications. Now you will see your chosen selections ready to install on your device.

Click “Generate Code”. You will now be given a one off, unique install code. These stay valid for 20-30m so you dont have to rush like a crazy man – but don't do this and leave it till tomorrow!

So now you have a unique six digit code that if you now key this into the Portal Add-on you installed previously, will now install those applications you added to your basket.

  • Click  Enter Portal Code
  • Key in your six digit number (yes the codes dont match here – im using an old image!)

This will now ask if you want some music whilst you wait – yeah – some people will install a lot of applications !

OK – now you will see a dialogue of the installs – and you maybe prompted for permission to install the applications as they proceed. This is perfectly normal and is determined by your device. Not all devices will ask. If yours does, it will be the standard request for permissions you see from the Android OS.


Ok, I have rushed through this a little bit to get it out there, hopefully you can pick up how this works and how easy it is to install applications. Using the portal site to create your shopping basket of applications, grab the install code, head back to Kodi, key in the code and voila!

This couldn't be simpler really, We will be reworking the Kodi add-ons and repository aspect too – but for now we have provided direct zip links for you until we fix that bit.

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