As some of your may know I have been working hard on finding U.S. content to add to a build to make it more user friendly for those members from the United States and those who like to follow live content.  Well in that search I came across a new add-on by Metalchris and I am very happy to have found this because it is full of great quality streams.  Campus Insiders brings you live, great quality sports streams from the collegiate level.  Tonight I was watching the Bucknell vs. Mount St. Mary Men's Game and Northwestern vs. Gonzaga Women's Game just to test out the add-on; and I was happy to see both games were shown in 720.  I tested about 5 games just to make sure they would come up and tonight only one was having trouble pulling up.  It took me about three times to get in but I made it in.  I have a feeling this is going to be a great add-on for College Sports fan; especially when it comes time for March Madness.  I am excited to share this add-on with you and have a good feeling it will be included in the U.S. Live Sports section on the next release of Shanks Build.

Campus Insiders updated; Current version of this addon is 0.1.0 – first detected 2017-03-10

Version 0-1-0
– Slightly better fix for unicode error

Version 0-0-9
– Quick and dirty fix for unicode error

Campus Insider Live game

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Installing Metal Chris Repo

Now we are going to take a look at how to install Metal Chris' Repository.  The first way you can download is to click here to download it directly and install it onto your device. using the install from zip file.  If you are using a device where you can't click on the link you will need to download it by typing in the following address:

Once you have this zip you will once again go back into Kodi and navigate to System–>Add-ons–>Install from Zip–>Select where you downloaded the zip to and wait for it to say “add-on enabled”.

Now that we have installed MetalChris's Repository we can move forward with installing the Campus Insider add-on.

Installing Campus Insider Add-on

  • Click Install from repository

install discovery channels from repository

  • Click MetalChris's Repository

MetalChris's Repository

  • Click Video Add-ons

Video Add-ons MetalChris's Repository

  • Click Campus Insiders

Campus Insiders Add-on

  • Click Install

Install Campus Insiders

  • Wait for “add-on enabled”

Campus Insiders Enabled

Exploring the Content in Campus Insiders

Now that you have installed this add-on let's take a look at how it is set up.  You can access the add-on by clicking Open on the screen inside the repo or you can back out and maneuver over to Video Add-ons or Videos.  Once you open the add-on you will see a few options for content:

Main Menu

As I mentioned when you open it you will see this and you can choose Today's Events, Upcoming, Replays, and Latest Videos.  They should all be self-explanatory but you can choose Today's Events or Upcoming to view content that is playing now.  It appears you have about 10 days either way should you want to see what is coming up and what has already occurred.  Here is how Today's Events is set up:

Campus Insiders Today's Events

As I mentioned, the content I viewed in the Mount St. Mary's vs. Bucknell & the Northwestern vs. Gonzaga were in 729 and I grabbed a few screen shots so you can see the quality this add-on has to offer.  Also please note the add-on does a great job telling you if the game is a Men's (M) or Women's (W) game so you don't have to check online who is playing.

Campus Insiders 720 quality

Campus Insiders Women's Game

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to MetalChris for this great add-on and I hope you find it as helpful as I know I will as the season continues.  If you should have any questions please visit us at Ares Project Forum and we will be happy to give you a hand.