The key thing to adding content to Kodi is via repositories – a “repo” is the “central storage point” for an authors add ons. Add-ons provide you with content, so you will see someone reference say Genesis and Lambda – Lambda is the author and has his repository, and Genesis is the add on held in that repo for you to install. A repo can have multiple add ons. These add ons are grouped as Program, Video, etc.

I hope that’s simple enough – that’s my fifth version, if you have a simpler way to explain, please comment below and I’ll add it in!

Kodi Repository Addresses

Every repo has a url, an address (or source) you need to add into Kodi's File Manager in order to install the repo into your Kodi locally. I have created a list of the most popular (I hope!) although this isn’t meant to be every repo every created.

I am providing a list here of the repo's rather than write 150 articles for each individual. This will also be a reference point for you in future if you need a repo. If you are a dev/publisher please feel free to add your repo and what you provide in the comments section.

These are the top repos that will get you most of what you need and will contain repos that are listed below in the additional section. For the newer users  this will seem confusing – but the some repos contain the source to add other repos – hence I have listed only a small number here – the first 5 contain the vast majority of anything you will ever need. Please comment to get your repo added!

The MUST have Repo – The Ares Wizard

Full review here
NOTE: The Ares Wizard has over 300 of the popular builds included, versatile backup and auto cache config tools.

Adding Your Build to Ares Wizard

If you are a build author and wish to be added please complete the following form ( we have limited free hosting options – enquire on the Ares Forum); Add My Build To Ares Wizard

Top Repositories

Additional Repos

  • Ares Project
  • Mucky Ducks
  • Metal Kettle
  • iVue EPG
  • Halow TV
  • Renegades
  • MegaTron
  • BBTS  
  • Kodi Community
  • Entertainment
  • MTL
  • natko
  • Dexter
  • Elderados
  • Pod God
  • Tombraider
  • Coldkeys
  • Monkey Repo (Grand Tour addon)
  (If you're a developer and  wish to be added or a user and think something is missing, you can contact me direct or via twitter)

Installing Any Repo Into Kodi

  • Highlight System and Slide to File Manager
  • Double Click Add Source
kodi add source
  • Add the required URL from the list above
  • Click Done
repo url kodi
  • Give this a relevant name, Fusion, Ares etc;
  • Click OK
name kodi repo source Now Kodi knows where to find the Repo we can add it.
  • Goto Kodi home screen
  • Click System
  • Click Addons
kodi add on options
  • Click Install from zip file
kodi install from zip
  • Choose the Name you called the Source you added earlier – so Ares, Fusion etc from the list
  • Now Choose the Repo Zip
  • This example shows unblockr – but look for the name of the repo – click OK
Once you click OK the zip – wait a moment for it to install, you will get an “add-on enabled” notification – however, its important to note, this is just the repo, you now have to install the add-ons. If you've arrived here from any article, you should head back there now and follow the guide there for the particular add-on. You can follow us on, Flipboard (@areskodiproject), Twitter (@Ares_Wizard) ,Facebook page, Facebook Group and at forum for support and regular updates.