What is MetalliQ ?

MetalliQ, by OpenELEQ, an amazing and useful Add-on which provides available streams from all your installed add-ons in your system. Providing you with Movies, TV Shows, and Music in the best possible quality. MetalliQ also integrates perfectly with your Trakt account, another tool that everyone must have in their Kodi. If you try to run Metalliq on a fresh Kodi installation, it won’t do anything. Metalliq depends on and works very well with many Video Add-ons for content.

How to Install MetalliQ

You can find the MetalliQ Add-on in the NaN (noobsandnerds) Repo. This can be found in Ares Wizard located in Browse Add-ons> Repositories.
  • Open the NaN repo from “Install from Repositories”.
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • OpenELEQ Tools and Install.
  • After the install notification appears, return to Install from Repositories.
  • Select Q’s Repository. (Photo A)
  • Video add-ons.
  • Select MetalliQ, a list of Kodi versions will appear, select the same version you have installed.
metaliiQ Immediately after opening settings a prompt will appear (Photo B) asking “Do you want to remove your existing players first”. To ensure you are able to select the Players of your choice, click YES. Select NO to keep the default settings.

Configuring MetalliQ

metalliQ Unlike other Add-ons, Metalliq requires a little bit of post-installation configuration.  After installation, you’ll need to open up its settings by opening the Context menu.
  • Right click your Mouse
  • Press C on the keyboard
  • Select the Button on the remote with 3 lines.
Select the General Tab (Photo A) and click on Rerun TotalSetup. This will cycle thru your installed add-ons and assign one for each category. As each TV Player is enabled, a notification will appear in the bottom right corner. See Photo A.  

Changing Preferred Player

metalliQ The next stage of configuration will be choosing your preferred Player. If Metalliq finds the title in one of your Add-ons, it will open and play it automatically. If you have more than one add-on, Metalliq will allow you to decide which add-on to use. In the example above, Photo A  shows the add-on selected is Elysium. For this article I decided to use Covenant as my preferred Movie player. If you want to use a different add-on, select Preferred movie player and a new popup will appear with a list of what is available. metalliQ As you can see in the photo above, Covenant has automatically been added as the preferred TV Show Player as well. If Covenant is not the player you want to use, select Preferred TV show player. Repeat the same steps you used in Movie Player.

Playing content with MetalliQ

metalliQ For our final step, we’ll show you how you can set up some content to play using this Add-on. For the purpose of the article I installed a few Video Add-ons, Covenant, BoB Unleashed, BENNU, Death Streams and Elysium. After opening your Kodi Krypton, highlight Add-ons as shown in Photo A, select MetalliQ. In Photo B, select Movies. metalliQ Just a few more Clicks to go. After selecting Movies, there will be a list of “preferred players” to choose from. In this example I chose Covenant from the Selector Dialog containing add-ons available to play the item. After clicking OK, there will be a list of suggested areas to scan from, I decided on Popular (TMDb). Open the Context menu  (Photo C) and click on Scan items to Library. There will be a prompt asking if you wish to continue, please select Yes. Finally, a progress bar will be seen in the top right corner (not shown) showing the download progress. . metalliQ Once you added a couple of items go back to the Home Screen, your added items should now appear under the MoviesTV Shows or Music tab. As a result of a few clicks, you can see the Before Main page at the top and the After below it. Rather than scrolling thru an add-on, you now have a list ready to use.

 List of Verified Players



Metalliq’s interface is very simple. The main menu has several different options: movies, TV shows, music, TV channels, playlists and enter search string.  If you click any of the first four menus, it will reach out to the TV Movie Database and pull down a list of content. If you have any further questions about this article, please feel free to join us in the Ares Project Forum.