In fact you can use this on any device running a either wireless or wired but they must be on the same network, running this via a remote connection requires all kinds of trickery and is an advanced topic involving ddns, router configs etc. So I’ll be keeping this one simple!

It Is the most straight forward and non technical way to install from an Android device to an Amazon Firestick – but anywhere you can install the File Explorer app, this will work. You can use it to send zips and builds, in fact any file from one device to another.

First – if you're an Apple user, I'm sorry this will not work for you, as at the time of posting, I couldn’t find ES File Explorer in the Apple store. I will post other ways to do this in the future.

This involves installing ES File Explorer on your device (Firestick etc) and on your droid phone. ES FE is a free to use application, so its completely free too!

UPDATE: 16th November 2015 – Amazon appears to have stopped the free download to its stream devices, a lot of users are now complaining about this problem.  This is in fact due to Amazon requiring you to have an account even if its free apps that you want to install.

I have also found that they have removed Dropbox in favour of their own Cloud drive, but you can sideload Dropbox, so no biggie really.

Methods of Installing ES File Explorer

  • Amazon Store (must be registered)
  • DropBox
  • Apps2Fire

Installing ES FE To Stick

First we need to open up installing apps that are not from Amazon approved store (Kodi), this isnt required for ES FE of course, but we'll do it first.

  • Boot the stick up and scroll down to settings and along to System
  • Scroll down and Click Developer options

firestick developer options

  • Click both the options here;

firestick ADB debugging Apps from unknown sources

  • Now press home on the remote.
  • Scroll down to Apps

firestick apps es file explorer

  • Scroll to the right on Top Free apps – look for ES File Explorer
  • Click to Install it

Firestick ES File Explorer

This will be in your Apps library on the Stick now, so you can access it later. Once its installed, Click Open and leave it sitting there, for now.

Ok that’s one side set up. if you have a device with a Google store, you can install from Google too. If you have a device with no store, you can download to a USB and use that instead.

Getting Kodi File on Droid Phone

Now make sure you have ES File Explorer installed on your ‘droid phone, it will be in the store somewhere! Now you also need to have Kodi installed or downloaded to your phone. If you already have it installed we can use that apk as it should still be there, if not you can download via your browser from here;

NOTE: If you are downloading – note carefully where you download it to. This could be the standard download folder, but its important to know or you wont be able to find it later!

Now run the ES File Explorer apps on your phone and you get the home screen. You need to click on the APP icon if you already have Kodi installed (it will be listed in here) if you downloaded , you should click the “0” SD option (internal memory of the phone) then scroll down to the Download folder and look for the Kodi APK file.

Now look for the Kodi app in the list of installed apps ( or the file if you downloaded). Tap or click to select it. Notice the three dots top right under the time?

  • Click or tap on those three dots to access this menu
  • Click Send

Now this is the clever bit, you don’t need to know your IP or fiddle about in an app, this will now search your network for any devices that are running another copy of ES FE – which we left running on the stick earlier. When the search has completed you will see the following;

  • Now tick the box
  • Then press the phone icon with the arrow to send (far right under time)

The savvy will note my shot shows my droid m8s box, you'll see AFTM for a firestick. I did say this works on any device that can run ES FE!

  • The following dialogue box comes up

  • On your firestick or whatever you’re sending too, you get a dialogue screen
  • Now you need to use the remote to flick right and hit ok

firestick install kodi

  • You will now be given a choice where to download the file to
  • You can put it anywhere you'll remember, but I use Downloads
  • Select folder and click ok
  • Now you'll see this file downloading to the firestick
  • Once the transfer completes, you will get a dialogue like the pic below
  • You can opt to install this file straight away
  • Click Install
Kodi will install and you're good to go. Its worth noting that Kodi will not appear in the recent dialogue on the Sticks home page, you need to;
  • Scroll down to Settings
  • Then scroll along to applications
  • Then scroll down to Manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll to Kodi to start.
You may want to install Firestarter launcher and Settings apk to open the bluetooth options for adding keyboards and mice etc. Guides on those to follow.

I hope you found this useful, let me know if you have any firestick projects you want to see written up too.